European Convention 2020

the European Convention was also canceled.
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Round Dance Festival

Dear members,

today we received the information from the responsible authority of Rüsselsheim that all events will be cancelled until 31.05.2020 and that no municipal premises will be made available until then. Therefore the ECTA Round Dance Festival, which was supposed to take place from 22nd to 24th May 2020, has to be cancelled.

We are still in contact with the Shakin' Tailfeathers and discuss whether we will let the 50th ECTA Round Dance Festival take place this year or postpone it to next year and will keep you informed about this.

Many thanks to the Shakin' Tailfeathers for their engagement in the organisation and planning! Special thanks to Stefan Lankuttis for the excellent information management! Even if we have to repeat one or the other planning step, we hope and wish that the 50th ECTA Round Dance Festival will take place at another time, as already mentioned, but still under their direction in Rüsselsheim.

Should you have any questions regarding this or in general regarding the handling of the current situation as a leader, you can always contact me by e-mail or via my mobile number.

We still wish you all good health and that you are spared from the virus. Please be the best leaders you can be during this time and protect yourself and others by staying at home if possible and avoiding direct contact with other people! #Stayathome

Kind regards,

Date Announcement for Convention 2020

24th – 27th September 2020


38820 Halberstadt

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Student Jamboree


Colourful Dancers Herborn


Round Dance Festival

t.b.a. 2021


Clogging Convention 2020


Weser-Ems & Friends

TSV-Halle und CAG Sporthalle

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